Custom Block Print Colorways for the Sugar Shack House

Lulu DK for Schumacher

This was a quick and dirty project.

A designer in San Diego reached out for 6 yards of block printed fabric one morning.

They were designing a beach home and they wanted the fabric to make pillows for a teenager’s room.

They liked some of the designs I already had in my library, so they chose 2 of my patterns, Lotus, and Casablanca. These were 2 of my very first designs I ever made!

They wanted 2 custom colorways. One was a light pink, and the other a light yellowy-lime.

We confirmed the colors and I got to work!


Since these patterns were already in my roster, I could skip the whole design part of the project and go straight to printing.

I still tested the blocks before going straight to the final fabric just to make sure everything would go smoothly.

Once I got through the tests and made sure the inks would dry to the correct shade, I brought out the final linen fabric and started the project.


The prints came out nicely on the textured linen.


Once everything was block printed, I let it sit for a day or two to completely dry. Then I shipped everything back to the designer.

The pillows ended up in a living room instead, but I love all the bright colors they used in the space.