Bespoke Interior Design: A One of a Kind Upholstery Project

Lulu DK for Schumacher

This was one of my first big design projects! I love working with different interior designers to make unique pieces for their clients.

For this project, I worked with a New York interior designer to recreate a discontinued fabric that she had previously bought.

She thought that it looked like the original fabric was block printed, so she connected with me and asked if I thought I could design it.

I took a look at the pattern and decided that I could probably match it pretty closely. My hand printed fabric shares a similar texture to the design that she sent, so I told her I could do it.

She mailed me a large swatch of the fabric and I drew it onto a few larger size blocks (hand for scale!) to recreate the pattern.


The design and repeat was pretty straight forward, I was mostly concerned with matching the color exactly.

When I’m block printing on fabric, I have to be really careful to get the color right before I get started. Once I start there’s no turning back!

I did a bunch of trial and error with the inks because the paint color changes as it dries, and it took some time to nail it down.

Eventually I was able to get pretty close to the original color of the print. You can see some of my tests that I numbered below.


After I carved up the block and mixed up the ink, I was ready to block print. The designer shipped over a bolt of linen fabric from NY and I started printing!

The final block printed fabric came out so great that I didn’t want to send it back to her…but I did :)

The funny thing was, I had never asked her what it was originally for, so when she sent me a photo of the finished upholstered chair in my fabric, I was completely shocked!

The original fabric and my hand printed fabric came out almost identical, and it’s still one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever done.