Millennial Apartment Bingo!


I came across something recently that absolutely cracked me up.

I was mindlessly scrolling through the rabbit hole of Instagram one day, when my attention was suddenly grabbed by a colorful image.

The post was by Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite design sites that I try and keep up with.

If you've never heard of it, it's basically a very artsy site, centered around unique interior design projects, DIY, and general cute-ness.

Here's the image that they posted:

Illustration: Kath Nash

Illustration: Kath Nash


Basically, they are implying that if you are a Millennial and up with the current trends, there is a very high chance that one or more of these items could be found in your apartment.

It's funny, cuz it's true.

If you follow any kind of design blog, trendy shop, or fashion influencer these days, you'll know that the market is absolutely SATURATED with these items, in all different shapes and sizes. 

These are the things that make today's hotels, restaurants, and shops "Instagrammable".

But these are also the things that make all these places look the same!

Now, I'm not technically a Millennial, (although some would say I fall within range; however, I will politely direct you towards this article stating otherwise :) )

I'm also not hating on anyone who is a Millennial or has any of the above listed items in their apartment. I'm guilty of at least 2.. (Love my fiddle leaf fig!)


There is something to be said about the uniformity of trends and how oftentimes they can be a lazy substitute for actually taking the time to discover your own personal style.

Yeah. I said it, peeps. You lazy.

Imagine you are going to decorate your new apartment. You have a few ideas, maybe some colors in mind, and you head out to your local Target / Ikea / UrbanOutfitters to pick up some inexpensive home furnishings.

The displays they have set up are HELLA cute, and you want all the things for your room. 

Your original ideas are quickly tossed out the window, and within a week's time, you've decorated your space to essentially look like everyone else's.

Your original ideas never stood a chance.

The moral of the story is that everyone has a personal style that ought to be explored. 

It's what will set you apart from all the monotony. And it's what people will really appreciate about you once you figure it out. 

Don't worry about what's cool on Pinterest. Don't sweat Instagram or those picture perfect influencers.

Take the time to think about what inspires you and gets you excited...whether it comes down to fashion, your home, or anywhere else you might need to be expressing yourself.

Just do you, boo.


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