The Ultimate Guide to Color Mixing (for block printing ink!)

Block printing on fabric is a simple way to make personalized art for your home and other projects. First you’ll need to grab some supplies, then read this article all about block printing inks for block printing on fabric.

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Block Printing on fabric: Blocks, Inks, and Everything Else you need to know

Block printing is a fun and simple way to make your own fabric prints. But you might get stuck when it comes to block printing supplies. This guide will help you decide what block printing supplies to purchase, so you can get started making block prints asap!

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Millennial Apartment Bingo!
My Story: My Weird & Wonderful Journey Into Becoming a Paid, Professional Artist

This whole printing thing was kind of an accident.

It wasn't anything I had ever learned in art school, and nothing I really knew much about. It was actually kind of the result of a quick Google search.

But let's back up a little...

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