Babes, Booze & Blocks is a
live stream series where I invite
a former student over to join me for
drinks and a short, silly printmaking project.


Join Danielle and I (yes, 2 Danielle's!) as we block print scarves, chat about travel, and kill a bottle of rosé.


Join Helena from Squish & Co and I as we channel our inner mermaid, sip on daquiris, and block print beach bags.


Monica and I channel retro Palm Springs vibes and spice things up with our jalepeño palomas.

Recipe below!


In this episode my mom and I have just gotten back from camping and her big IronMan race in Santa Rosa.
Watch as she does her first block printed project and we try not to fall asleep.


My new friend Sweta and I drink sangria and print flowery swag bags for a friend's Mendocino retreat. I help her with a block printing project she's working on, and show her how she can improve her printing technique.


Join Helena from Squish & Co and I as we block print some Halloween bandanas for her charming pug Ingrid and drink some suuuper spooky Angry Orchard (?) :)